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Sue Sturos

  • 5475 Parnell Ave NE
  • Minneapolis, MN 55440
  • 763-370-2246

About Me

Hello and Welcome!

Why work with me?

So happy to share the growth of my team growth from 2009 and forward!

2009 ~ Lost my gift shop (and just about my marbles) and closed the doors on December 24th, Christmas Eve Day.
2010 ~ I end up not sleeping for months, my adrenaline was about depleted! I finally got my sleep back, after two nights of applying lavender and soon got my roller coaster of emotions to a dull roar, with Frankincense.
I had so many happenings the last two years,  I would just cry for no reason, anytime. I was so happy to be done with that!
2011 ~ I started to share Young Living with my family and friends.  My husband and I were not ready to share our last couple of years, verbally yet, as they were so personal.
2012 ~ I started my overseas team this year! Woot Woot! Started to share my personal journey,on the roller coaster of emotional upheavals.
2013 ~ When I started to share my personal journey, I saw the expansion into many countries and especially Europe.
2014 ~ I started to travel around the country and grow even more, back on my home turf, within the U.S.
2015 ~  Lost my father on March 13th, and started to work on my personal growth more than ever before! I am currently working on my teams growth, within the business and working on Oola Balance within Fitness, Family and most importantly my  faith.
Scented Diamonds team name was born! Followed by an awesome graphic artist rendering!

We have our first book out, the Scented Diamonds team recipe book (with many more books to follow)! So excited for the team and one can find the recipe book at:
I am a mother to six lovely children, the youngest turned 18 this year, so milestones for this momma! I am a Nana to 3 lovely grand-dollies and the oldest just started kindergarten. Wife to one awesome & handsome man for 26 years. I have many blessings surrounding me, including my team going up and down and to many names, to list here. Above all, thankful to God for his continued guidance.

Thank you for coming to my site, let me know if you need any help ~

Sue Sturos